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About Us

Sarnia Kiwanis Foundation has existed since 1985, working with government and the community to maintain the historic Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre - designated under Ontario’s Heritage Act in 2000 and soon to celebrate its centennial - a dynamic partnership of people working together in service to community

Our Vision

Giving Sarnia a prideful Community Centre in a heritage setting, 'Where people matter'

Our Mission

We operate the Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre on a not for profite basis, to provide the following competitive:

Growing Our Mandate

We provide opportunities for people of all ages & stages of life to meet, learn & enjoy their community. Supporting implementation of the Settlement Strategy of our Local Immigration Partnership, we welcome newcomers, including diverse ethno-cultural groups settling to our area - fostering lasting partnerships with newcomer organizations that serve them.

Building Community
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Celebrating Diversity